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Welcome to the Southern Cross Club

The Southern Cross Club is a social club for Aussies and Kiwis living in Denmark. Our goal is provide our members with a network, organise get-togethers and events where we, as a club, can have some fun and keep in touch with what's going on downunder.

If you're a Kiwi or an Aussie living here in, or on your way to, Denmark, you're welcome to keep an eye on what's going on here on our website - but we'd rather you joined :-)

The membership fee (both single and family) is pretty reasonable really, and we'll not only keep you up to date on our social events, but you'll also be entitled to discounts. Basically it comes down to your level of participation - like all things - and how much you are willing to enjoy the club and the activities we organise.


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MembersBy signing up you'll be able to meet people from home, share your wisdom throughout our community as well as receive our regular club emails with the latest in club news and events.

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We ask that our members pay a subscription. Singles 100 kr, Family or Couples 180 kr and members from Funen, Jutland and Sweden 75 kr.

MembersThis covers our basic costs for the administration of the Club including newsletters, internet and supplements to some of our events. We also ask that our members get involved in our activities and maybe inspire and motivate us to other activities.

All monies to The Club should be paid to the Clubs account registration number 1551 account number 3046613.

Email us here!!

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The next pub evening will be held at Café Globen at 7.30pm on Friday 12 September 2014. The pub evenings are ideal for new members to come to and make new friends, and for old members to keep in touch. Look out for our flags or ask around to find us.

Café Globen is a cosy little travellers' pub run by members of a Danish travellers' club. The 12 September might be quite lively, as they're holding a beer tasting event at 5.30pm the same day. If you want to come to this you need to tell them beforehand. The beer is from Nćstved Bryghus and the cost 100kr.

Café Globen is at Turesensgade 2B, near H. C. Řrstedsparken, within walking distance of both Nřrreport and Vesterport Stations and close to many bus routes. Their website at includes an introduction in English, but the events are only listed in Danish.

See you there!

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Kiwi Corner Dairy

Jim from Kiwi Corner Dairy, an online store that ships NZ foods to Kiwi expats and friends worldwide is offering us 20% discount off all products.

At checkout, simply enter the coupon code NZ EDGE.

The website is, and is based in Pukekohe.


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Pub Evenings

The next two pub evenings will be held on September 13 and November 8 at Café Globen, Turesensgade 5B, near Oerstedsparken and between Noerreport and Vesterport Stations. Come along and meet some fellow Aussies and Kiwis.
Our pub evenings are normally held monthly, but the second Friday of October is Kulturnat in Copenhagen. You could maybe look for others to experience it with you via this forum.

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The club's AGM will be held on September 1 at 2pm. At 4pm there will be a BBQ. Members should have received information on this. Non-members are welcome to join us at the BBQ, although of course we'd love you to join the club. For details send a mail to and Mark will reply to you.

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Shipping personal belongings from New Zealand

Does anyone know anything about shipping personal belongings from NZ to DK? About who does it? And how to find a safe, reliable and not too expensive way to do it.
Alternatively is anyone else in the same situation? It might be cheaper for us to ship our things together.

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