AGM and post-Corona Get-together

The club has been rather dormant the last couple of years due to corona, but now we are rearing for action again!

Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 22 June at 7 pm. The venue will be confirmed later.
Come along and meet other members and give the club a boost with your inspiration. We also welcome new committee members. It doesn't require too much: just an occasional meetup to plan events.

Please make the effort to come. We hope to see as many of you as possible.

on behalf of the Committee

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Please note that the corona virus has forced us to put all events on hold. We look forward to seeing you all in the future.

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Wild Kiwi Pies Saturday 7 March 4 pm


Remember our meetup at Wild Kiwi Pies this Saturday! We'll be there from 4 pm. Closing time is 7 pm, but they'll stay open for us until 9 pm if enough of us turn up! Address: Toftegårds Alle 43, 2500 Valby (very close to Valby Station). Please tell us how many are coming, so Stu can make enough pies! You can also buy frozen ones so you have a supply at home! And there'll be something wet 😉

(Our apologies to those with Outlook email addresses, who didn't receive our emails about this event due to problems our internet provider had delivering them.)

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We commemorate our two national days in the week between, on January 31 at 18.15, this year with a dinner night at a great Aussie-owned restaurant, Souls, at Melchiors Plads 3, in Østerbro.

Booking: Send an email to committee@southerncrossclub.dk with your name and number of people in your group. Come one come all. Space is limited - book as soon as possible.

Note that Souls is an award-winning vegan restaurant.

We will have a set menu including Starter and Main Course for 250 kr. Dessert is optional at 50 kr. Drinks are of course available from the bar.

Starter Board (Shared): tempura cauliflower, waste-pulp croquettes & truffle-marinated mushrooms
Choose a Main Meal: soul burger or rice noodle salad, or chili bowl
- all with sweet potato fries
Dessert: +50kr per person raw chocolate ‘cheese’ cake

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Tiny Ruins

NZ band Tiny Ruins playing at Malmö Festival today, Friday 9 August, at 5.30pm on Gustavscenen. See you there!

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The Wild West

If anyone would like to meet up with a couple of fellow countrymen (I've forgotten what the gender neutral version of "countrymen" is) from the Wild West (i.e. Jutland), turn up "Under Uret" (under the clock in the middle of the main hall at the main railway station in Copenhagen) at 11.30 am on Sunday 4 August. From there we'll probably find a café.

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The Black Seeds

The Black Seeds are playing on Monday 5 August in Lille Vega in Copenhagen. Entry 255 kr.


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Jonathan Bree

New Zealander, Jonathan Bree, will be playing at Loppen at 9 pm on Friday 20 September, as part of his European tour.

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AGM and Southern Cross Club's future etc

Dear All

Southern Cross Club's AGM will be held at 6 pm on Wednesday 12 June 2019 at
our namesake the Southern Cross Pub, Løngangstræde 37, 1468 København K,
close to Tivoli and the Town Hall. We'll have the upstairs bar to ourselves.
After the meeting we can order food in and have a drink together.

The committee urges all members to attend! The club is in danger of folding and
we need your input as to where we should be going. We also need new
committee members. This needn't be seen as a daunting task: we meet at each
others homes, or occasionally elsewhere, eat dinner together and have time
to enjoy each other's company as well as discussing club business. But
please don't let fear of being shanghaied on to the committee prevent you
from attending the AGM!

Simon, your secretary, has long been toying with the idea of arranging a
visit to some of the Aussie and Kiwi war graves in Denmark. If you're
interested in this, please tell Simon at the meeting. Or if you can't attend
reply to this mail instead.

Simon also arranges tramps, bushwalks, or whatever we choose to call them in
this civilised part of the world for another club, which you are welcome to
join. If there is enough demand he will arrange something similar just for
Southern Cross Club. The next two walks are on 13 June in Sweden and on 20
June west of Roskilde. Details are found on vandrefuglene.dk, or reply to
this mail if you don't understand Danish.

Other events the committee have been discussing are our annual Christmas
Party, camping weekends, meeting at a restaurant for dinner, pub evenings
and brunches. We would dearly like to hear what our members are interested
in us organising. Remember that members can also post on our website
(www.southerncrossclub.dk) as well as in our Facebook group so please use
this opportunity. You might for example organise a group to see an Aussie or
Kiwi band playing in Denmark. We want to be a vessel offering communication
with other Aussies and Kiwis, where it doesn't have to be the committee
which organises everything.

We have been having problems with our communication with members which we
are trying to sort out. So if you receive this mail please pass it on to
other Kiwis and Aussies in Denmark you know. And in case you should receive
it twice, we do apologise.

If by some chance you no longer wish to be involved with the Southern Cross
Club, please do not blacklist us as spam!! This will prevent members
receiving mails from us. Instead use the link at the end of the mails you receive from us.

We do hope to see a good turnout at the AGM.

on behalf of the committee

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