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Romeo and Juliet - The Castle Tour

Romeo and Juliet, The Castle Tour

American Drama Group Europe is giving a number of performances of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Denmark, as part of their Castle Tour in 2023.
They are associated with Art Education Network, and TNT BRITAIN, and perform English Theatre all over the world.

During summer they perform English theatre in castles or in gardens (open air) and this ambitious project links English speaking culture with the local historical heritage.

In Denmark, the following performances of Romeo and Juliet are planned:

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, 21. August at 2pm and 6pm
Søstrup Slot, Grenå, 23. August at 2pm and 6pm.
Den gamle By, Aarhus, 24. August 2pm.
Brundlund Slot, Aabenraa, 12. Sept 6pm

For more information, and for tickets, please see:

American Drama Group Europe

Art Education Network

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