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Report from the AGM

Here's a little report regarding the AGM on 31. May 2023.

We had to change venue at the last minute, and there was quite a small number of members attending the meeting.
Patricia Lockhart was elected chairman of the meeting.
The president's report was accepted, and the treasurer's report was accepted.
Elections for the committee: The committee now consists of:
- Simon Hayman, President
- Cathy Nielsen, Secretary
- John Rosenkilde Nielsen, Treasurer

Eleanor Bomholt was re-elected as Honorary Auditor.

A re-introduction of membership fees was debated. And this is expected to be implemented again.
Future activities were debated. And you can expect to hear more about new activities in the near future.

The AGM was followed by socialising, pizza and soft drinks.

Posted in News by SCC Committee on 02.07.23

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