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I’m just writing to let you know that a comedy show featuring an Aussie expat is coming to Copenhagen on Aril 23. If you know of Aussie expats in Denmark who might be interested in this show please send them the information.

Icetralia is an international comedy event that features two different comedians from two very different islands.

Jonathan Duffy (AU) and Hugleikur Dagsson (IS) bring you everything you want in a comedy show; observations, obscenities and musical numbers.

Jonathan Duffy is an Australian born comedian and cabaret performer who moved to Iceland to avoid poisonous spiders and ex husbands. His comedy is like himself; gay, Australian and a bit desperate.

Hugleikur Daggson is a relatively talented Icelandic cartoonist who turned to stand up comedy to avoid real work. This brought him local fame, some money and a couple of diseases. His comedy is like himself; filthy, friendly and slightly autistic.

Icetralia will be at Nordatlantens Brygge (Strandgade 91, 1401 Kbh,K) on April 23 from 21:00.

Tickets are available through

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Jonathan Duffy
Posted in Events Guide by SCC Committee on 20.04.16

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