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Wild Kiwi Pies lunch meetup Saturday 23 April

If you haven't already heard, Kiwi pies are now available in Copenhagen! You can find more information on their website: Come and join us for lunch on Saturday 23 April at 12 noon. Their shop is at Toftegårds Allé 43, just across the road from Valby Station. They're working on getting a licence so they can sell Aussie and Kiwi beer to wash the pies down with. If we can make it worth their while they're willing to open late for a future Pub/Café Evening, so make sure you come along on April 23 and show the flag!

You don't have to say if you're coming or not, but it would help the shop if you do. Just send a mail to
Posted in Events Guide by SCC Committee on 07.03.16

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