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'We have found a witch - may we burn her?' - Yes, it's that time of year
again in Denmark, where witches get burnt to honour Midsummer, so why not
join in and combine the best of both cultures, by having a barbie and a

After the success of the SCC (Belated) Anzac Day Barbie, Mark and Lotte
would like to invite as many SCC members as possible to their place on
Sunday June 23rd, from about 1600, with barbie around 1700-ish, and lighting
the fire (and the witch) around 19-2000 (a little earlier than traditional
for DK, to be kind to the 'kids' present).

Once again, it'll be a BYO barbie - bring your own meat and drinks (and
maybe a chair, if possible) plus a plate/bowl of salad to share. Mark and
Lotte will, like last time, provide some snags/hot dogs for the kids,
marshmallows for the fire (once it's died down a little) and maybe some
damper dough. With any luck, the only thing we'll be burning apart from
witches is.......?

Please email the SCC committee email for
address details, and RSVP by Friday June 21st.
Posted in Events Guide by SCC Committee on 09.06.13

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