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Dual Citizenship in Denmark

Are you aware of the current signature collection to support a proposed
law change allowing Danes to achieve dual citizenship if wished ?

There is a lot of talk about it at the moment, but more signatures are needed
to support this petition.

Here is the petition:

The media has been covering this subject as well and in about a month,
this subject will be taking to the parliament and the petition will
represent the people's support for it. - further info in

Posted in General by Dale Shelton on 10.04.08

"Matt's comment"

Sorry to burst your bubble....The dear old Danish parliament has just passed a law revoking dual citizenship.
Shame 'cos I have the papers here after a NZ friend of mine actually received questions asked...after a 2 year process.
Oh well - back to the drawing board. The killer is, if I decide to leave Denmark for 2 years and one day, I lose all rights and it's back to square one :-)
Yes, even though I have a job, house, Danish wife, 3 children (between 5 and 11) all firmly established and well...integrated here.
Comment by Matt on 12.05.08

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