Wild Kiwi Pies are celebrating NZ New Year, which is 12 hours earlier than Danish New Year. There'll be pies and pavlova, wine and beer, and the toilets will be open. Address: Toftegårds Allé 43, Valby (close to Valby Station).

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Membership – Clarification
Notice of Meeting - Extraordinary General Meeting

There is some confusion regarding the Club’s membership list and mailing list which we are working hard to clarify. This message supercedes any previous messages on this issue.

The Committee has called an Extraordinary General Meeting for Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 6pm.
This meeting is being called to make necessary changes to the existing constitution, as well as to socialise a little.
We welcome all members to join us for this short but important meeting, after which we plan to get some take away food and a few liquid refreshments (costs to be shared).

* If you wish to become a member OR to confirm your membership, please note the following.

1. If you are, or have been, a member of the Southern Cross Club in Denmark, please send an email to committee@southerncrossclub.dk to confirm your membership. Note that at present, there is no subscription or joining fee.
Advise us, before 10th January 2018, that you wish to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting.
State that you WILL NOT attend the Extraordinary General Meeting.

2. If you are not a member but wish to join the club, we welcome you. Please send an email to committee@southerncrossclub.dk requesting membership. If you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, please tell us that, otherwise please provide some supporting information outlining your connection with either Australia or New Zealand (which is required by the Club’s constitution). Note that at present, there is no subscription or joining fee.
Advise us, before 10th January 2018, that you wish to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting.
State that you WILL NOT attend the Extraordinary General Meeting.

3. If you have already clicked “Going” on the Facebook page, “Thanks” but that will NOT be enough. In accordance with the constitution, you will need to send an email as detailed in the first two options above.

4. The proposed changes to the constitution are summarised here.

Firstly, it is proposed to reduce the required number of members on the committee, reflecting the smaller membership of the club now compared with times past. This change is necessary to enable the club to function in the current conditions.

Secondly, a number of minor changes to the wording of various clauses are proposed to reflect the conditions of today, which includes such things as changes to electronic communication and financial management.

Thirdly, a number of other changes are proposed to clarify some of the Club’s functions, such as roles of the committee and committee members.

5. Further details, including the address for the meeting, will be sent to those who have been accepted as members of the Club (as per points 1 and 2 above).

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CHRISTMAS PARTY (edited 30 October)


WHEN Saturday 11th November 2017, 3 pm

WHERE Fuglebakkevej 49, Frederiksberg, 2000

WHO Anyone with an interested in socialising with Kiwis and Aussies, particularly if you're an expatriate from NZ or OZ. This is BOTH an adults party AND a Kids' party. Activities are being organised for the kids to better enable adults to be free to socialise.

WHAT Dinner. Includes dinner and beer/wine/soft drinks (limited quantities - if you have special tastes or specially big thirst then byo)

Kids will eat first, both little and big kids, then adults later. Little kids (under 10). Parents should bring a present for Santa to give out - should be wrapped and ready, with card (your child's name on it), max 100 kr.

Big kids (10 to 17). Activities will be organised for the afternoon and also for after dinner, which will hopefully keep all kids occupied, entertained, and out of their parents’ hair.

COST Pay by 4th Nov, adults and big kids (10 to 17 yr) 120 kr.
Early Bird Special Pay by 28 Oct, Adults and big kids 100 kr.
Little kids (u10yo) 60 kr. Little kids Early Bird (u10yo) 50 kr.

PAY Mobile pay (to Nina) 51631443. Include message with nr adults + nr big kids (10-17yo) + nr little kids (u10).

Or Bank transfer: Regr no. 3306, Account number 4777707604

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NZ Elections

Bridget Walsh of the Greens Party will be at Wild Kiwi Pies on Thursday 24 July from 6pm to 10pm to help ex-pat Kiwis make sure they are enrolled for the upcoming NZ General Election. See you there!

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Lorde's performance at Roskilde Festival this year was one of the highlights of the festival! A few Kiwis and Aussies found each other afterwards under my NZ flag (reminder list: take a longer flagpole next time!)

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It's time to celebrate!

The Southern Cross Club Denmark invites you to join us in celebrating 50 years of bringing Aussies and Kiwis together.

Our special guest Eleanor Bomholt was a founding member of the Southern Cross Club, and she has kindly accepted our request to give a speach on how is was to be so far from home way back then.

The evening will unfold with a club funded wine tasting competition, and we are also throwing on a few free beers, but if you want something exotic, then your also welcome to BYO...

We are having caters prepare a buffet dinner at the cost of 100kr per person (children under 12 half price).

As this is a private event, space is limited, so the guest list is limited to 20 adults, and children under twelve are sitting separately...

This will be held at Mark's. Let him know if you're coming. If you don't have his contact details or address, send a mail to the committee at committee@southerncrossclub.dk


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Xavier Rudd Concert

Australian singer/songwriter Xavier Rudd will be performing in Lille Vega in Copenhagen on June 5. Tickets are available from ticketmaster.dk and cost 150kr plus commission. More information (in Danish) is available here: http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b23d373b3ddb9eff90d1ad3f2&id=03177a94aa


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General Meeting

Just a short reminder, that it is not too late to register your attendance (sounds a bit formal :-)) at the SCC General Meeting this Sunday, 27th November, from 1430, at Mark and Lotte's, Bernstorffsvej 5, 2900 Hellerup.

Thus far, we have had positive replies from 5 members, so I'm rather hoping that a few more of you can make it, as it would be great to breathe new life into the Club, if at all possible.

So double check those calendars - maybe the out-laws can wait another week? Maybe the lawn-mowing can wait until next year? Maybe the kids don't really want you shouting at the soccer referee from the sidelines after all?

Hope to see a good and enthusiastic turnout on Sunday.
Mark Rogers - SCC Denmark Chairman

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Skt Hans / Midsummer Gettogether / Farewell to Dave

Hi all,

As I'm sure you all know by know, every year on the evening of the 23rd of June, all over Denmark witches are burnt on bonfires.

To commemorate the occasion, the Danes, true to their viking roots, celebrate by grilling assorted meat over a strange black substance called charcoal, until such point as the meat on the grill closely resembles the charcoal underneath, then it is eaten with great relish (and tomato sauce, remoulade, etc.).

It's been a few years now since the SCC had a Sankt Hans do, so we thought we should that this year we should join in.

As is often the case, we will be holding the event at Mark and Lotte's, on Saturday the 25th of June, from 1700 / kl. 17 / 5 p.m. (please email or FB message for the address, if you don't know it already)

The food format will be the usual SCC rules, where we would ask everyone to bring their own choice of meat for the barbie (we use a substance that gives a clean blue flame, called gas....), plus a bowl of salad or a dessert to share. Also, should there be any consumers of alcohol among us (it has been known on occasions), if they could bring their own favourite beverage, that would be marvellous (we will have an esky / chully-bun with ice in, to keep them cold).

The club will supply soft drinks / water / juice (for the kids, obviously), some sausages and hot dog buns (again for the kids, as I'm sure you guessed), a fire, trampoline, swings, small swimming pool, hot tub, slip'n'slide (yes, I am old enough to remember them), and some chairs. Obviously, if the usual downpour happens, we'll be able to take shelter inside instead.

If any kids or adults would like to use the pool or hot tub, bathers / swimmers / cozzies / togs and a towel would be a good idea - but a short plea to the menfolk - please refrain from smuggling budgies into the garden.....

Please let us know if you can come, along with how many adults and kids in your party (so we know how many snags to buy, and if we need to score some extra chairs for the evening) - RSVP by Thursday the 23rd of June.

Looking forward to seeing as many old and new members as possible (and hoping that the weather holds)


Just a quick update about the SCC Sankt Hans barbie on the 25th of June - as some of you are no doubt aware, ex-club president and current treasurer, Dave McKenzie, is after more years in DK than he cares to remember, or indeed admit to, moving back to the land of the long white cloud - that's right folks, the lure of grandkids, steinlager and a full NZ pension proved too much to resist!

So the Sankt Hans party is now also officially a farewell event for Dave, so I hope we can manage a good turnout to see him off.

We'll also be looking for another treasurer, so if anyone would like to volunteer until such time as we can pull our collective fingers out and have a proper AGM, please let me know.

So until the 25th, be safe and watch out for those witches - they're a bit nervy at this time of year.......

Mark Rogers
Chairman, Southern Cross Club, Denmark

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There will be no Café Evening in June. Our next one will be on July 8 at Floras Kaffebar, Blågårdsgade 27, 2200 Copenhagen N at 6.30pm.

There will be a Sankt Hans Grill at Mark and Lotte's on Saturday 25 June. Details will follow.


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