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Posted in General by edibletv on 19.11.07 Hits: 11447 Comments: 0

Hurra for dem fra Downunder

Hurray for them from Downunder
Adapted from '24 Timer' 17/9/07
Australian's are just as we want to be that is why we are crazy about them. They are friendly, down to earth and a laugh at parties. We would rather be together with a bushman or a surfer than with our European neighbours from France or Germany. That is what a survey of Danes opinions to Australians that Webpol have conducted on behalf of wine company Hardy's.

Posted in General by Dale on 17.09.07 Hits: 11601 Comments: 0

Kiwis 'worst-behaved visitors'

It's official - New Zealanders are the worst behaved visitors to Australia.

Department of Immigration statistics show that over a recent three-year period more New Zealanders were deported or "forcibly removed" from Australia than guests from any other nation.

Almost half of the 84 people removed in 2005 were Kiwis.

In 2004, 23 people out of 66 removed were from New Zealand and again in 2003, 54 out of 97 kicked out were New Zealanders.

Following close behind through the airport departure gate were the British, with 13 thrown out in 2005, five in 2004 and five in 2003.

Other poorly behaved nationalities - though in much fewer numbers - were the Malaysians, Vietnamese and Chinese.

A department spokesman said crimes committed by the deported foreigners included aggravated sexual assault, manslaughter, armed robbery and receiving stolen goods.

All of those shown in these statistics as having been deported had also served jail sentences in Australia before being shown the door.

Source AAP: 02/02/2007

Posted in General by Dale on 04.02.07 Hits: 6939 Comments: 0

Change of Address or e-mail

Any members who have recently moved, or who would like to registered their e-mails with the club. Send a mail to Dave McKenzie It would also ensure that you receive the newsletter.

Posted in General by Matt on 22.11.06 Hits: 15616 Comments: 0

Got something to share?

If you have information about upcoming events, or just great tips, after you have registered as a member click on contribute and enter your posting.

Posted in General by Matt on 22.11.06 Hits: 10217 Comments: 0