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Wild Kiwi Pie Lunch

The Southern Cross Club invites all members and friends to a Pie lunch at Wild Kiwi Pies on
Sunday 17th March at 12:00.

Wild Kiwi Pies​ is run by Stuart, from NZ, ​and they have just celebrated their 8​. year​s birthday.
For info about their pies etc. please see

The address is:
Toftegårds Alle 43, 2500 Valby.
​Public transport: Valby station is very close.

​To secure your seat we'll ask you to pay in advance 50Kr per person.
To say you're comi​ng, ​please send email to
Upon receipt of your email, we will advise you of payment details.
Please note that this is a pre-payment only to secure your seat, and you will get a full refund when we're​ at Wild Kiwi Pies.

​We'll ​provide a free drink for members of the Southern Cross Club.

We hope to see many pie-happy members and friends on March 17.

On behalf of the committee

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Australia Day & Waitangi Day Celebration

Australia Day & Waitangi Day Celebration

The Southern Cross Club invites Aussies, New Zealanders and everyone interested to come and celebrate a combined Australia Day and Waitangi Day.

We'll meet and have a dinner together on

Thursday Feb 1st at 18:00


Nha Trang Restaurant
Jesper Brochmandsgade 11,
2200 Kbh N

Nha Trang is a vietnamese restaurant with good quality and reasonable prices, run by Thang & Tuyet.
See more on:

To say you're coming, please send email to
To secure your seat we'll ask you to pay in advance 100Kr per adult; and 50 Kr per child.
Upon our receipt of your confirmation email, we will advise you of payment details.
Please note that this is only a pre-payment to secure your seat, and you will get the amount refunded when we're at the restaurant.
Also, there is a free drink for members of the Southern Cross Club.

We hope to see lots of happy people on Feb 1st, to celebrate the days. Also, this is a good chance for new members to meet with other Aussies and New Zealanders here.

On behalf of the committee

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An Australian Queen


The Southern Cross Club would like to invite you to a celebration of HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary becoming the King and the Queen of Denmark.

We will meet at 1 pm on Sunday 14 January 2024, at

Café Stefanshus, Stefansgade 22, 2200 København N

and together watch the festive occasion on the big TV screen.
The cafe serves drinks and food, so you can have a bite to eat or have lunch there if you like, and some of us intend to do that.
Members of The Southern Cross Club can get a beer/drink for free.
If there's enough members coming, we can get a separate room for ourselves.
We intend to stay there to about 4 pm, or as long as there is interest. This will also allow time for those going to the reception at the Australian Embassy.

This invitation is going out quite late, so please check on our website and/or on Facebook, for any possible late changes.
And we'd like to know in advance if you plan to attend, thanks.

To get there:
Metro: Nørrebros Runddel
Bus: 5C, 350S

On behalf of the Committee

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Happy New Year 2024

The Southern Cross Club wishes everybody a Happy New Year!
If you missed the NY fireworks at Sydney Harbour, or if you'd like to see it again, the ABC has it, here:

It is spectacular, as usual. And this year, more of Sydney Harbour is involved, and not just the Harbour Bridge.
Enjoy! ... with or without champagne ...


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Rainbow Warrior

A 3 part English documentary on the Rainbow Warrior can be streamed on DR2 at the moment. It includes interviews with a couple of the Frenchmen involved.

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Pre Christmas Pub Evening, Bartof Cafe, Friday 8 December 6.30 pm

We're afraid there'll be no Christmas Party this year, but we will be meeting for a pre-Christmas pub evening. And if our treasurer comes the first drink for members may even be on the club.

The venue: Bartof Café, Nordre Fasanvej 46, Frederiksberg. It's just a few minutes walk from Fasanvej Metro Station.

I have tried to invite Santa along. As there's no email on North Pole I've written via Post Danmark. As all us Kiwis and Aussies know, Santa lives at North Pole. But Post Danmark keeps sending my letters to Greenland, so he doesn't receive them!

We hope to see as many of you as possible. Bring a bit of Christmas cheer. Make new friends and see old friends.

Bartof has a great choice of beers, not to mentions whiskey and such things. You can even get a bite to eat.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


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The Voice

The Voice

On Saturday, October 14, 2023 Australia is having a referendum, called The Voice.
The question:
A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?

You can vote in-person at the Embassy in Copenhagen, weekdays until Friday 13. October between 10am and 4pm
The embassy is at:
Dampfaergevej 26, 2nd floor 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

For more information about The Voice, and how to vote, see:

Aus Embassy in Denmark:

The Voice:

The Voice on ABC:

Kind regards

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Day Tramp in Sweden

On 28 September I'm arranging a tramp (about 10 to 12 km) in a coastal area Sweden for Vandrefuglene. At the moment we have a few spare places. Details are found in Danish at in the calender. You need to book and pay transport beforehand, and on 19 September at the latest. Transport costs DKK 250. If you want to go by car we start and finish at different places so you'll need to find your own way back to your car. Contact Simon 20 94 98 five2.

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Pot Luck Dinner

Pot Luck Dinner
You are all invited to a Pot Luck Dinner at Eleanor Bomholt's place on Saturday Sept. 9th. at 6pm.
Please bring along both food to share and beverages - beer/wine/soft drinks etc. Then we will put all the food out to share. And we may want to share some beverage too.
After dinner, Eleanor will serve coffee for us all.

Address: Bagsværdvej 133E, 2 th.,2800 Kgs. Lyngby.
How to find it: No 133 is down a long driveway, just opposite the Q8 tank at Bagsværdvej. No 133E is in the first block.
There is plenty of free parking space.
If you come by public transport: Take bus 40E or 400S from either Lyngby St. or Bagsværd St. and get off at Aldershvilevej.
Please email the committee in advance on and let us know how many people are coming, and also what sort of food you plan to bring.

On behalf of the committee

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Cinemateket: Dennis O'Rourke films

Cinemateket i København viser i denne tid en række film af den Berlinale- og Sundance-vindende australske filmskaber Dennis O'Rourke, en af den etnografiske filmhistories mest originale, indflydelsesrige og kontroversielle kunstnere.

Der vises flg film af Dennis O'Rourke:

Cannibal Tours
Papua Ny Guinea / To klassikere
Oceanien, indeholdende to film:
- Yap: How Did You Know We'd Like TV?
- The Sharkcallers of Kontu
The Good Woman Of Bangkok

Se mere hos Cinemateket:

Kind regards

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