Dumb and Dumber

More evidence supporting that Kiwis are the "worst behaved visitors"!

(On escape in Australia)

Two NZ prisoners have committed just about the dumbest escape ever. The two prisoners were linked together with handcuffs when they attempted to escape from a courthouse. The escape went unnoticed until they met a lightpole which they ran on each side of, whereupon they collided into each other on the other side and fell similtaneosly on the ground. Consequently they were taken by the police.

Source: DK Urban 30-1-09

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New Tune for Advance Australia Fair

Since it is Australia Day, I thought it would be a good time to share this with everybody. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiEycVMKoJo

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Shipping goods from oz

Hi I would like to send some items from Melbourne by sea freight. Does anyone have any experiance/recommendations or information regarding freighting?

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Want to Play Rugby?

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Maybe it is funny because I am Australian

One Kiwi says to another:
"hey bro, what's a Hindu?"

The second Kiwi replies
"lays eggs bro"

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Netball in Copenhagen

Interested in playing Netball? Copenhagen now has a netball club. For more ifo visit www.netball.dk

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Dual citizenship petition

This week on May 15th, the group statsborger.dk, who lobby for the rights of Danes to have dual citizenship, will meet the Parliamentry Birth Rights Committee to present 'our' case. On May 28th the Danish Parliament will be holding a closed hearing on dual citizenship.

Please click on www.dobbelt-statsborgerskab.underskrifter.dk, insert your details as per below and click on 'Tilfoej', if you wish to support New Alliance's campaign for dual citizenship:

First name
Country of residence

Oh, and feel free to forward this to any of your friends and family who may benefit from a change to the Danish citizenship laws.

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Dual Citizenship in Denmark

Are you aware of the current signature collection to support a proposed
law change allowing Danes to achieve dual citizenship if wished ?

There is a lot of talk about it at the moment, but more signatures are needed
to support this petition.

Here is the petition:

The media has been covering this subject as well and in about a month,
this subject will be taking to the parliament and the petition will
represent the people's support for it.

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What do you think about Danish women????

A journalist for the Danish magazine 'Woman' is looking for a yound Australian man to interview about being a forieigner in Denmark and what they think about Danish women. If you are interested in taking being interviewed and have a small nice picture in the magazine please contact Rikke at rikkehp@benjamin.dk

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Foreigners in Denmark is an online community designed to facilitate intercultural communication, interaction and friendships between Danes and foreigners living in Denmark. We provide useful resources in English to help newcomers in learning and understanding the Danish culture.

Go there..www.foreignersindenmark.dk

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