Dual Citizenship in Denmark

Are you aware of the current signature collection to support a proposed
law change allowing Danes to achieve dual citizenship if wished ?

There is a lot of talk about it at the moment, but more signatures are needed
to support this petition.

Here is the petition:

The media has been covering this subject as well and in about a month,
this subject will be taking to the parliament and the petition will
represent the people's support for it.

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What do you think about Danish women????

A journalist for the Danish magazine 'Woman' is looking for a yound Australian man to interview about being a forieigner in Denmark and what they think about Danish women. If you are interested in taking being interviewed and have a small nice picture in the magazine please contact Rikke at rikkehp@benjamin.dk

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sample image

Foreigners in Denmark is an online community designed to facilitate intercultural communication, interaction and friendships between Danes and foreigners living in Denmark. We provide useful resources in English to help newcomers in learning and understanding the Danish culture.

Go there..www.foreignersindenmark.dk

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Australian Citizenship Test

-Some question proposals ;)

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Anybody in Aarhus

Hello! Are there any members living in Aarhus or events/clubs in Aarhus?

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Tommy Emmanuel back in Denmark

Tommy Emmanuel is coming back to Denmark in April. Sof far he is playing at least 2 concerts at the Djurs Bluesland Festival and Musikhuset Aarhus. Tickets for the Musikhuset concert are 275 kr + surcharges and available through www.billetnet.dk Unfortunately I don't know where to buy Blues land Festival tickets. Keep you rs eyes open he may decide to play a few other concerts while he is in town.

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Happy Christmas 2007

Well, what a fantastics day for all - young and old - again at this year's Christmas Party.
Not surprisingly, Santa again stole the limelight, dished out pressies and was enjoyed by a score of kids.
Well done Dave on organising a great event and here's a few memories of the day for those that couldn't make it.

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20% off Draught Beer at The Globe

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The Globe pub just around the corner from Nørreport station in Copenhagen is proud to offer Southern Cross Club members 20% discount on draught beer on presentation of their membership card. To save you doing the maths, that means 35 kr for local Danish beers and 38 kr for Guinness / Kilkenney / Spit fire. For more info about events at the globe visit:

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10-15% discount at Reef’n’Beef’ Restaurant

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The Reef’n’Beef restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen is pleased to offer SCC members 10% discount on meals on presentation of a membership card (2 people/card). SCC member will also be offered 15% discount events including wine tasting evenings. NB: You must present your membership card on arrival or before ordering the bill to be eligible for this offer. . For more information about Reef’n’Beef visit: http://www.reefnbeef.dk/

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