New Zealand Embassy

The Hague

Overseas passport information, including recent changes to the issue of emergency and first time passports passports. More information at http://www.passports.govt.nz

New Zealand Citizenship information
Further details at http://www.citizenship.govt.nz

Working Holiday Scheme between New Zealand and Denmark
Information about this new scheme for 18 to 30 year olds can be found at http://www.immigration.govt.nz

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Australian Embassy

Dampfaergevej 26, 2nd floor
2100 Copenhagen East
Tel.: + 45 70 26 36 76
Fax: + 45 70 26 36 86

Information concerning Australian passport applications and the recent security updates.
Details at http://www.passports.gov.au

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Check out mediazone if you're into your rugby. Either download the games or stream them directly. It's easy too - all you need is a profile, Windows Media Player and your broadband connection.

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Change of Address or e-mail

Any members who have recently moved, or who would like to registered their e-mails with the club. Send a mail to Dave McKenzie It would also ensure that you receive the newsletter.

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Got something to share?

If you have information about upcoming events, or just great tips, after you have registered as a member click on contribute and enter your posting.

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As some may have already noticed, we have up-dated the newsletter. If you didn't get your copy then maybe we don't have your correct details. If you haven't received it yet, or you got a snail mail and would rather an electronic version, then send us an e-mail to info@southerncrossclub.dk
Remember it could also be that you have forgotten to pay your subs!

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More about us

The Southern Cross Club is a social club for Aussies and Kiwis living in Denmark. Our goal is provide our members with a network, organise get-togethers and events where we, as a club, can have some fun and keep in touch with what's going on downunder.

If you're an Australian or New Zealander living in Denmark, or on your way, then you're welcome to keep an eye on what's going on here on our website - but we'd rather you joined :-) You can also sign up for our newsletter here on the website.

Basically it comes down to your level of participation - like all things - and how much you are willing to enjoy the club and the activities we organise.

Following is a list of our activities:

- Pub Evenings, Cafe Evenings, Brunches - the best way to meet others
- Australia Day / Waitangi Day party
- AGM - Annual General Meeting (March)
- SCC Birthday party (May)
- The Annual BBQ (August)
- Christmas Party (December)

If you have anything to add/ask, please let us know.
Contact The Committee here!

See you soon!

(Edited and updated by Simon 9/9/2016)

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Sign up now and keep in touch it's free

Check out what's going on in the downunder community right here.

Whether it's Australian or New Zealand films, touring bands, local get togethers or where to watch the next Kiwi/Aussie sports clash, you'll find it here.

Make sure you sign up NOW so you're not left out.

By signing up you'll be able to meet people from home, share your wisdom throughout our community as well as receive our regular club emails with the latest in club news and events.

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