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Anybody in Aarhus

Hello! Are there any members living in Aarhus or events/clubs in Aarhus?
Posted in by Genevieve Wood on 11.01.08

"SCC Committee's comment"

Hi Genevieve,
As far as events go Tommy Emmanuel is playing Aarhus in April. There are others out there who live in Aarhus but I don't know who they are.
Comment by SCC Committee on 11.01.08

"Christie Lee Cini's comment"

HI Genevieve, I dont live in Aarhus but I am gentofte if that is close at all, I have only been here for 11 days so i dont know many ppl, do you have any plans for australia day?
Comment by Christie Lee Cini on 22.01.08

"Genevieve Wood's comment"

Hi there, Gentofte is probably about 2 1/2 hours from Aarhus. As yet I do not have any plans for Australia day but possibly something local. Do you plan to stay in Gentofte?
Comment by Genevieve Wood on 22.01.08

"SCC Committee's comment"

Just in case you haven't noticed there are a few bands from Oz playing there this month. Check our website for more info. There is also another guy on our webpage wanting to know if there are any other Aussies in Aarhus.
Comment by SCC Committee on 07.06.09

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